No tickets at the door

We have a conversational style when it comes to selling tickets for QuinkFair.  People who have been to past Quink events we have organized, or have expressed interest thru Facebook or Eventbrite in this year’s event basically open themselves to a dialogue with us.

“Can we get you a ride from Baltimore?”

“Do you know we have a kids program?”

“We do have a work exchange program which reduces ticket prices.”

And dozens of more options and considerations.  If you want to consider our festival, we are more than happy to talk about how it works and how we might tweak things so that you can come.  But there are some things, at Quink Fair, we don’t move on and one of them is the option to buy tickets at the gate.

Tickets NOT sold at Door!

This would seem counterintuitive at first. From a financial perspective for the event, this is a bit of a disaster.  At the point at which people want to purchase tickets at the door, we have already done the hard work of setting the event up, we have struggled to cover the fixed costs, we have given a significant amount of money to the site for rental.  The person who wants to buy a ticket at the gate represents an unusually high amount of profit per ticket sale – so why do we let that money go?

Well, the principal reason is that we are trying to build something which requires communication. Our goal is to help every participant have the best opportunity to change their life for the better and experience a Quink during this event. This takes preparation. We want to encourage you to bring a Quink Book, which you will not have brought if you are just showing up at the Twin Oaks conference site.  We want to try to coordinate volunteer labor by getting people to sign up in advance and find the best volunteer slots to share your strengths.  We want people to think about what Quink stories they want to tell about their lives or what kind of workshops they might offer during open space that showcase topics where their lives have changed positively.   And we even have more ambitious plans of trying to figure out who at the festival you should meet that you don’t know, which requires us to know who is coming in advance.

This has always been an ambitious event.  Not letting people choose to come at the very last minute means we know more about who is coming and how we might help them find the quink they have been looking for.

To this end, we will be closing sales for Quink Fair 2023 at 10pm eastern (7 pm Pacific), on Wednesday July 19th. Please get your tickets online now at, or find more info at Looking forward to seeing you there!