Ignition, Self-Exploration, and Quink Library

At most events, you get your tickets and then you might have a fun interaction with the person who tells you where to park, but you are on your own. The Ignition part of Quink Fair is an optional but highly encouraged orientation to this event. A guide will ask you the questions your best friend might be asking if they really wanted to advise you.  What do you need to change in your life? Is your current job serving you? Are you happy in your romantic relations? Which of your dreams are you ignoring and is it time to work on manifesting them? Equipped with these inquiries you enter the event with a direction to consider new possibilities in your life.

Are you interested to know more about what makes you tick?

This year at Quink Fair we will create a space for self-reflection. We will have material resources on hand as well as knowledgable human guides to help you engage with systems for self-exploration. These systems include Myer’s Briggs, Astrology, Human Design, Destiny Cards, and the Enneagram.

Do you have a book that changed the way you see the world? Maybe a book that lead you to make a life change for the better? This is your quink book. That book might just be the key to a change in someone else’s life too. Bring a copy of this book, bring a few copies, follow you heart. You can contribute your quink books to the quink library.

The quink library will be open for sharing and borrowing throughout Quink Fair. Leave a book, flip through a book, adopt a book and take it home. Who knows? That could be your quink.