Quink Fair 2024 is happening June 20-24, 2024 at a private site in Louisa, VA. Tickets will be available in early 2024.

This wooded land has access to a stream for swimming, woods for hiking, and plenty of space to spread out for camping.

Due to the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking additional precautions this year and requiring attendees to provide proof of a recent negative covid-19 test to enter QuinkFair. Please our Covid-19 page for more details.

Camping: Quink Fair is a camping event, so bring your tents, sleeping bag, and other camping supplies. Please see our Camping page for more details. We have limited RV parking spaces, and there is a separate fee of $200 for RV parking.

Food: Meals are provided as part of your event ticket. We will provide 3 filling, hearty meals each day. (This means your ticket includes 12 meals! What a deal!) Vegan, gluten free, and other dietary needs will be met. All attendees should bring their own plate, utensils, and cup/mug. Please see the Meals page for more important details, including info for those with food intolerances and/or allergies.

Water: Drinking water is available on site. We encourage attendees to bring a reusable container so you can easily keep some water at your campsite.

Work contributions: Quink Fair is a participatory event and all attendees are asked to contribute 4 hours of help (usually 2 shifts of 2 hours each) over the course of the event. There is a wide variety of things to do: helping prep food, clearing brush, assisting with registration or… well there’s a lot that needs doing. See our Volunteer page for details.

Travel: We will provide shuttle service to those arriving via mass transit in Richmond or Charlottesville, please see details on our Travel page. Rideshare info, biking directions, and driving directions are also available on that page.

Workshops, Presentersand Events: We would love to list your event, workshop, or gathering in our program. We can also help you find a space to hold your workshop! You can throw you hat in the ring on our Call for Presenters and Events page. There is a QuinkFair band forming, if you are interested contact contact@liberationarts.com.

Toilets: There will be porta-potties and outhouses available for use.

Showers: Outdoor showers will be available, at least 2 of which are heated. We have enough hot water for a quick shower, not enough for everyone to take a long one. If you want/need a long hot shower every morning to wake up we encourage you to bring a camping shower bag or some other setup to meet your needs.

Hand washing stations: There will be multiple hand washing stations around the site, as well as some hand sanitizer available. We also encourage you to bring along your own pocket sized hand sanitizer so you have some around when you need it.

Fires and stoves: We will have a fire in the central circle each evening, larger burns in other locations, and quieter official fire circles for sharing and drum circles. There are no personal/private campfires or grills permitted at the event.  Camp stoves, solar ovens, and other similar cooking tools are welcome.

Kids: Children are welcome at QuinkFair. We will have a “kid village” camping area which families with children are welcome (but not required) to stay in. Kid-care plans are evolving, and there is likely to be some sort of organized kid-care co-op. You can find more details about bringing kids to QuinkFair in the Survival Guide, or contact us at QuinkFair@gmail.com for more info.