Temple of Oracles

We invite you to come visit the Temple of Oracles which has several functions. 

Primarily we provide a place of quiet and contemplation amidst the activity of the Quink Fair. We offer divination tools such as Tarot, I-ching, Runes and other divination decks. 

As the first people arrive we create a sacred circle around camp that stays in place throughout the event. We fill this sacred space with our intentions for a powerful, peaceful and meaningful experience for all who attend.

On Monday morning as the last people leave and clean up begins we release this circle and send the energy we have created out to the earth, the cosmos and to any who wish to take a bit of this energy home with them.

We also offer divination readings. We don’t charge for the readings (we don’t charge for anything within QuinkFair, everything is included in the price of your ticket and there are no vendors on site). Feel encouraged to pass on the gift in any way you wish, share with us any insights from your experience, or how the reading affected you, if you feel called. 

At specific times throughout the weekend, we offer classes about divination tools and how to use these tools for yourself, at the temple or when you get home. We offer other classes about creating ritual, working with crystals and grounding/centering processes.

Feel free to come anytime and use one of the many tools we have available. We do our best to maintain complete decks for all to use. Please do not take any of the cards or other parts of a tool away from the temple. Feel free to take pictures of your divination and the information in the books with your cell phone.