QuinkFair 2023 Detailed Event Schedule

The QuinkFair 2024 detailed event schedule is still in progress and will be available in early 2024. It will likely be similar to the 2023 schedule which is available below.

This schedule will be updated often as we get closer to the start of QuinkFair 2023- if this schedule and the General Event Schedule disagree, this schedule is more likely to be correct. You can find detailed descriptions of workshops here.

There will be many additional workshops and events added to the physical on-site schedule as QuinkFair begins, and the may not all be added to this online schedule. Go to the registration & info table when you arrive at QuinkFair and they will point you to the most up-to-date schedule available- this will likely be the schedule posted in the pavilion.

Most recent update- Thursday July 20, 9:15am

Thursday July 20
10amGates open for Arrivals
2-3pm2-4pmIgnition- Paxus- location TBD
3-4pmLiberation Arts- Singing and StoryTelling- Main Circle
4-5pmCan Festivals Save the World? [Funology 101]- Ladyslipper4-6pmHow to do Tarot for Yourself- Temple
7:30pmOpening Ritual, Greetings, and Logistics
8pmDance party and other evening activities
9:30pmDrum circle
10pmGate & registration close for the night
Friday July 21
8amGate & registration open for new arrivals
10am – 12 pmChildcare available
10-11am10am-12pmScreen Printing on Clothes- art space
Afro Flow Yoga- Katherine- location TBD
11am-12pmThe haha Game- Caroline- Pavilion
How to do Tarot for Yourself- Temple
Consensish- Ozzlegommet- location TBD
1:30pm1:30-4pm Meet the Communities 2.0 & Ice Cream Social- Main Circle
1:30-5pm Effigy Prep- gathering materials & supplies- meet at Main Circle
3-4pmAfro Haitian Percussion- location TBD
How to do Tarot for Yourself- Temple
4-5pmBasics of Ritual- Kelpie- location TBD
Basics of Tarot- Mike- location TBD
​​Overcoming Inhibitions to Sustainability- Alexis- location TBD
4-6pmSelf Love Language- Joy- location TBD
The Art of Consent- Elephant- Garden of Delights
5-6pmKids Creative Movement-  location TBD
7pmWelcome, Announcements and Logistics
7:30pmTalent Show- pavilion
9:30pm9:30p-11pm- Paul and Gerry yoga dance music at the pavilion
9:30p-12a- Contact improve at the pavilion
10pmGate & registration close for the night
Saturday July 22
8amGate & registration open for arrivals
10am – 12 pmChildcare available
10-11amRound Singing- Songbird- location TBD10am-12pmBalloon Art- Jade- Main Circle
Printing on Clothes- Art Space
11am-12pmMusic- Main Circle
How to do Tarot for Yourself- Temple
Poetry Circle- Katerine- location TBD
1:30 – 5pmEffigy Building workshop in the main circle
Family Constellations Workshop- Randy Ladyslipper
Enjoying Energy Independence- Alexis- Crossroads
Authentic Relating Games- Mike- Pavilion
Fungi and Friends: Intro to mushroom Identification- Jules- Location TBD
3-4pmDance and Creative Movement- location TBD
4-5pm4-5:50pVisualizing and Mapping the Ecologies of Healthy Communities- Charles- Pavilion
The Art of Play- Elephant- Garden of Delights
8:30pmGate & registration close at dusk
9pmThe Effigy Burn
10pmThe Art of Delight in the Garden of Delights
Other evening activities
Sunday July 23
10am – 12 pmChildcare available
10-11amHot Yoga- Jade-  location TBD
10am-12pmTrust and Relationship Games- Gil- location TBD
Water Ritual- Katherine- location TBD
11am-12pmCapoeira- Liberation Arts- location TBD
1:30pm- 3pmClosing Circle- Main Circle
3-5:30pmPrinting on clothes you can iron- Art & Screenprinting space
3-4pmKids Music- Main circle
Breathwork for Altered States and Healing- Randy- Ladyslipper
4-5pm4-6pmSelf Love Language- location TBD
Liberation Arts – The Circle of 3 and the Story- location TBD
8pmQuink stories, temple burn, & air gathering
Monday July 24
8:30am-12pmPack up and clean up (no workshops this morning)
1pmCleanup continues, site is closed to all but cleanup volunteers
Goodbye, we’ll see you at QuinkFair 2024!