Goals and Shared Values

An important goal of Quinkfair is to support space where people can have Quink moments. When thinking about Quink as the opposite of trauma, we realize that in todays societies we all may carry in stress from personal strifes and social oppressions. Often Quinks happen with and between people. To help everyone feel less guarded, and more open to connection Quinkfair ask of all attending to consider these values in action:

  • We pay attention to the power imbalances that exist in relationships.
  •  In relationships of significant power imbalances, we favor leadership coming from the lesser empowered person, so that any action or talks that move the relationship towards increased intimacy, particularly of sexual nature, will be initiated by the lesser empowered party.
  • In conflict situations we lead with community accountability, looking at how we as a group might have contributed to the situation, and what we can do to help amend.
  • If there is violence, we value acting with an approach that centers the person or people who experienced harm.