Work Exchange Tickets

QuinkFair organizers work hard to make festival attendance accessible to more people by lowering barriers, especially financial and logistical barriers. We keep ticket prices as low as possible, we offer scholarship tickets (some lower cost, some free), we offer lower cost tickets for volunteers. All food is included in the cost of tickets (QF is internally non commercial, we have no vendors on site). We also provide transport from local airports, bus stations, and train stations for folks who are reliant on (or prefer to travel by) mass transit.

As part of this mission, QuinkFair offers a number of work exchange tickets each year. Please read our work exchange ticket info on this page, then scroll down to fill out the work exchange ticket request form.

The work exchange rate adult ticket rate for 2023 is $50. Every QuinkFair attendee is expected to contribute 4 hours of work before or during the conference; our standard work exchange option requires an additional 4 hours (8 total). Tickets for children ages 5 and under are always free; youth tickets for those ages 6-17 are $25 when attending with an adult who attends QuinkFair on a work exchange ticket. There is no additional work requirement for adults with a work exchange ticket who attend with youth/children and no work requirement from children/youth.

We will be making decisions about work exchange applications in batches, and will do our best to notify you within 14 days from when you submit your application. If your application is accepted you’ll have 14 days to make the purchase, decline your ticket, or let us know you’re still interested but need a little more time to pay (no problem, just keep us in the loop). If we don’t hear back from you in that timeframe we will offer the ticket to someone else; our budget can only support a certain number of these tickets so we try to make sure all those slots are filled.

A copy of your form responses will be emailed to you when you’ve completed the form. If your circumstances change (win the lottery, can no longer attend, etc), please email us at We’ll adjust your entry and/or offer a reduced cost work exchange ticket to another person.

If you are unable to attend QuinkFair due to a covid related reason we will give you a full refund for your ticket (minus any taxes or fees our ticket provider or payment processor charges). This includes getting a positive covid test result (for you or a member of your pod/household/carpool), a known exposure, or covid symptoms without a positive test (for you or a member of your household) We know it’s not fun to miss a festival because of illness and appreciate your helping us keep our community safer.