New Words to Build a New World

Join us at QuinkFair 2024 in Louisa, Virginia from June 20-24, 2024.

QuinkFair is a celebration which invites change by exploring the participants’ desires and obstacles. Through a colorful and chaotic mix of exhibits, theme camps, music, guides, workshops, dance, and your own curiosity, we will seek experiences and insights as a catalyst for personal growth and cultural change.

We take inspiration and influence from several larger festivals- from the Rainbow Gathering we draw sustainability, shared food, and a non-commercial culture, from the Twin Oaks Communities Conference we bring the lessons of living in intentional communities as well as embracing family participation, from the Network for New Culture we bring a strong consent culture, transparency, and non-violence, and from Burning Man we bring an immediate, participatory, radically inclusive culture. 

We work to catalyze quinks in a variety of ways, including