Meet the Disorganizer: Strings

The group of disorganizers for this year’s QuinkFair is so interesting and so unusual, we have decided we are going to feature them in interviews. Today we’re showcasing Strings, who is organizing this year’s Effigy Burn- the QuinkFair version of Burning Man’s Saturday night burn.

QFC (QuinkFair Chronicles): Why are you disorganizing for QuinkFair?

Strings: Last year I almost didn’t go, but I was intrigued by the idea behind it so I bought a QuinkFair ticket at the last possible moment. Then I went, and it sparked a series of events that completely qualifies as a quink, a concept I had only heard of from this event. I started a new relationship, moved to Louisa, found friends and chosen family that I adore, and am living more authentically. I particularly wanted to help organize QuinkFair this year, because with my background in written content, I figured I could help make the messaging for the event more clear and more compelling. [link to fingerbook].

Strings is the not-chicken depicted here

QFC: What are you looking forward to at QuinkFair?

Strings: I am looking forward to a lot of things. I am looking forward to the event being at the Twin Oaks Conference Site. I first heard about QuinkFair at the Communities Conference last year and I have a lot of love for that space. It is such a good weird patch of woods and I look forward to bringing more weirdness to it. I am also excited to hang out with the other disorganizers, who I have been getting to know. I was talking to Joy about the effigy burn yesterday and we have a really similar vision which is so cool. I am also excited to see what the facilitated consent and sexual exploration space is like (Garden of Delights), since we didn’t have one last year. [Editors note: More info on the Garden of Delights will be available on this blog in the next few days, we’ll add a link to this post when the info is available]

QFC: How are you thinking about the Effigy Burn?

Strings: I am comfortable performing in front of people – back in the day I used to front a ska band – but my intention in hosting the burn is to facilitate the space. Instead of it being a me show, I want to hold space for others to bring their offerings of music, dance, and revelry. I’m going to collaborate with folks and have some contributions planned, but also plenty of opportunities for spontaneous chiming in as the spirit moves you. I want to keep it alive and encourage goofing.

Strings is the not-duck depicted above

QFC: What is important to you about QuinkFair?

Strings:  All the organizing we do doesn’t matter nearly as much as who comes. The idea of QuinkFair is that you bring yourself, your story, your contributions. So we need to get diverse, weird folks to come – people who will really get something out of the event and bring offerings that contribute to the energy. The other day we went and saw Lynn and Daniel who have been going to Rainbow Gathering for forever. They are going to come to QuinkFair and cook breakfast like they do every year. They were telling us about the way that everything gels at Rainbow. Now, that is a much larger event that has been going on for decades. But we can get the vibes gelling at QuinkFair by getting the right people. 

I also know that people who are familiar with other festivals, like Rainbow, are used to a culture where there are no tickets to buy. But I understand why we need to charge for QuinkFair – heck, if nothing else, we are providing camping and meals. And we do have flexibility on price: there are scholarships for free and low price tickets, there are work exchange options, and it’s important to remember there is nothing to buy beyond the tickets. As I have been working on written content, I include from time to time ‘you are going to be fed 3 meals a day plus awesome snacks during QuinkFair, it’s a pretty good deal!’