QuinkFair 2023 Update #3


  • Final week to buy tickets at Early Bird Prices
  • Marlon Williams to facilitate the adult play space
  • Offer a workshop or other content
  • Scholarship Ticket Applications
  • Work Exchange Tickets
  • Survival guide is available
  • Other compelling local events

If you missed them, you can read Update 1 and Update 2  on our blog

This is the final week to buy tickets at our early bird discounted rate! Adults are $128 (plus taxes and fees), youth ages 6-17 are $64, children 5 and under are free. We do expect to sell out this year, so best to buy your tickets early (and save some cash). From June 1 tickets are $160 for adults and $80 for youth.

We are especially happy to announce that Marlon Williams has agreed to facilitate the adult play space at QuinkFair.  Marlon is experienced in creating safe spaces for intimate exploration and connection. As part of the offering there will be a number of consent and connection focused workshops that allow folks to get grounded in their boundaries, intentions and desires to increase their connection to themselves and others. Marlon is also a 10 year veteran burner who serves the Burning Man Community advising on Equity and Inclusion. We will be having a naming party for this space and you can contribute suggestions here. If you are interested in working on either content for this space or “squishy” setup of please contact QuinkFair@gmail.com or Marlon at adelightfulparty@gmail.com.

Workshop/content info Our Workshop and events list is growing by the day, you can follow along on our website here. If you have a workshop (especially which is centered around your own transformative experience) please fill out the Workshop Proposal Form and we will get back to you about scheduling it. 

Work Exchange Tickets- Work Exchange tickets are available now- work exchange tickets cost $50 for adults with a work requirement of 8 hours (4 hours that all attendees are required to do + 4 work exchange hours = 8 hours total.) We also have discounted youth tickets available. You can read more details and fill out the work exchange ticket request form on our website here.

Scholarship applications and donations– Our Scholarship program is going strong thanks to our generous donors, there are still discounted and free scholarship tickets available. If you want to attend QuinkFair but would find it difficult or impossible to pay for a full price ticket, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship ticket here. If you’d like to contribute to the scholarship fund, you can do so when purchasing your ticket, on Venmo to @QuinkFair, or get in touch with us at quinkfair@gmail.com to contribute via paypal, zelle, or bank transfer.

There are other compelling and reasonably priced events which are happening in Louisa County at Twin Oaks Community which might be of interest.  This is the ticket info and other details for these events. The dates are:

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list for future updates, please email us at QuinkFair@gmail.com with the subject line “subscribe”.