Hello Artist,

Yes, I mean you. Haven’t thought of yourself much as an artist? Well, welcome to your first Quink.

Now, go make the world more beautiful. It’s your duty. Earn all you want. Rest and savor your blessings all you want. It will remain out of balance if you do not create beauty.

Not to mention you will enjoy life more and be more productive in your work if you embrace the identity of the artist.

And, if you come to the fair this year, we will advance together.

We are rehearsing, starting now for optimal synergy. No matter if you dance, paper machine, or play the triangle, the more we get in sync with our inspirations and plans, we can rise together.

Email contact@liberationsarts.com to get involved. Sooner the better, the clock is ticking…

In all artistry,

Quink Artists Headquarters