Newsletter #1

We\’re less than two weeks out from the start of QuinkFair 2019, so without further ado here is our first (and hopefully not last) newsletter.

This newsletter has a few parts:

  • Useful logistics (rides, food, what to bring, when to come, etc)
  • Making the event magical (theme camps, etc)
  • Volunteering to help before the event (promotion, build up, etc)
  • Stuff about tickets
  • Propaganda (inspiring blog posts and more)


Ride Share:  We have people coming from all over (Montreal, Ashville, Boulder, WV, Baltimore, DC and more).  We might be able to help you find a ride, and if you have space we would love to potentially fill it with other participants.  Contact

Mass Transit: We are running free shuttle services from Charlottesville or Richmond.  All shuttle trips include a 30 minute grocery store stop if you want to pick up snacks or drinks.  Reservations are required for the shuttle, and you can find the schedule and details on how to sign up here.   

Food/Water: Haven House will be providing 3 meals a day, plus snacks and drinks at other times.  Please bring your own bowl/plate/silverware if at all possible. For more details, menus, and info on dietary needs check out the Food Logistics page, or email Angie at 

What to Bring:  We have designed this event so people who are traveling light (or coming via mass transit) can attend.  You could get away with a sleeping bag, a flashlight, a water bottle, a bowl/plate, a cup/mug, clothing, and toiletries.  Check out the Quink Fair Survival Guide for packing lists and sleeping info.

When can I arrive:  Gates open for general admission at 10 am on Friday, July 12.  If you are interested in helping before the event starts and would like to arrive early, please email us at 

Kids: Quink Fair will have a “kiddie village” camping area which families with kids are welcome but not required to stay in.  There will likely also be a kid-care co-op organized partly by the Quink disorganizers and partly by parents. Please email us at if you are interested in participating in shared child care at Quink.

Social Media: We’ll be posting updates on our Instagram and Twitter accounts in addition to the Facebook Page, so follow @QuinkFair on Instagram or Twitter for the most up to date info.

Making the event Magical

Bringing someone:  The single most effective thing you can do to make Quink Fair! amazing for you personally, is to bring someone who you think is lovely to the event.  Ask yourself who this might be and consider sending them a Facebook Invitation or this invitation email.

Theme Camps:  You need not be part of a theme camp to enjoy and participate in Quink Fair!  And you could bring your own, spark to this event. If you are having trouble thinking of what type of theme, you should consider what has brought quinks into your life before (significant positive changes sparked by an event or experience) and design your camp around creating this for other people.

There are three “open” theme camps which you can join:

Volunteering before the event  We have over 60 people (from outside of the communities) who are confirmed coming, but there is still lots of work to do before this event happens and is successful and we could certainly use your help.  This is especially true for event promotion and build up camp.  

Promotion – The first thing you could do is to tell your friends you are going to this event and ask them to come too.  The best way to do this (if you are on any social media) is through social media. You could post the poster (available at the end of this post) or a link to or a blog post which you find inspiring.  The disorganizers of this event would be really happy if you did this, and if more of your friends came, you would be excited too.

Build Up Camp – Starting July 8th there will be people on site in Louisa (at Sophia House where Quink Fair is happening 1872 Yanceyville Rd) getting ready to build up for this event.  We would happily house and feed you if you wanted to work on preparations. If you are interested in this, please contact us at


You can purchase tickets online for $90 per adult, $45 for accompanied children 11-17 (all those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal adult over the age of 18), and kids 10 and under are free.  Online ticket sales close at 5pm on Thursday, July 11. Tickets will be sold at the gate if there are any available, and prices may increase. You can buy tickets here, or by emailing us at and we’ll initiate a PayPal payment request.

It would greatly help our event if you were to purchase as early as possible so we can plan ahead! 


There are a number of blog posts about Quink Fair which if you have not read them might get you more excited about the event.

Check these out and please feel strongly encouraged to repost any ones which feel inspiring or exciting to you.