2023 Workshops

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Workshops and events around community building & governance:

Game B  (Non-rivalrous dynamics)  — Game B Community, and the Proto B Incubator, building an Intentional Community using Game B & Civium culture.

MicrosolidarityYoutube and the work of Richard Bartlett

Liminal Web  — Joe Lightfoot

Offerings in From 202019 – 2022

Alleged Urban Squatting Workshop 
Squatters have no rights in the US, but some tenants pay no rent – and tenants do have rights. This workshop explores no rent and low rent tenancy in metro areas like DC which have good tenant protection legislation.
How can you find such a place? Public records and other no rent pioneers can be some of your guides. How to respond to aggressive landlords to your legal advantage and how to maintain good relations with neighbors who are burdened with conventional rents.  This workshop will include role playing of tenants interacting with landlords, their agents and the police.  
Peach’s will share the short version of how they landed in a lovely home in DuPont Circle for the cost of parking and how they are sharing this bounty.
Peaches is the only sales rep for Southern Exposure Seed Exchanges Wholesale business and runs a bike repair service in DC.  They are also the driving force behind Casa Peaches which houses activist, abortion refugees and legally disadvantaged international.  They have lived in several intentional communities and communes.

Love Letter Clinic
There are several styles and techniques you can learn to create more compelling love letters.  This workshop advances the notion that almost everyone\’s lives are made better by writing more actual physical letters not just for romantic interest but to appreciate other people who are important to you.  This workshop will include fun materials for you to include in your letter, as well as postcards and love letter Mad Libs (fill in the blanks).

Honest Seduction
is the realization that we are attracted to people and we want to explore this possibility and that “classical” seduction techniques are frequently manipulative, degrading, and sexist.  Enter Honest Seduction –  a rich collection of introspective and group techniques designed to help catalyze and inspire healthy relationships.   Disclosures:  Do you have another romantic partner?  Have you had a manic episode recently?  Do you have an STI you might give to a new lover?  These are examples of disclosures you might make to a new intimate early in your relationship, ideally before you got in too deep.  Disclosures are not to be dropped like bombs, but rather to be part of the stories you tell about yourself.  This workshop roleplays people sharing their disclosures and others discussing how these can be more transparent and self-healing.

Can Festivals Save the World – introduction to funology
A surprising number of people say things like “this festival changed my life”.  In these times of paramount political challenges talented funologists (people who study fun) wish to invert the argument that organizing festivals is a distraction from pressing issues to event organizing as a key tool to rescuing our endangered world.  Learn about the funological grading system and the “rules of funology” designed to produce compelling events.

New Name Workshop
The communes use several different naming techniques for people, cars and buildings. Come go thru some self reflected questions and friendly inspired suggestions and open up the possibility of a new name for yourself.  We did this workshop at QuinkFair 2021 and several great and still in use names came from it. w/Jade &Paxus

Quink Books Workshops Blog Post
A Quink book is a book you read and it changed your life in a positive way.  This workshop encourages folks to bring extra copies of these powerful books to give to people who might be similarly inspired. 

Screen Printing Workshops
We have the hardware, the screens and the ink.  Bring your cotton garment and we will screen print Transformus logos and other compelling images right on them, with your help.  

Ask a dominantrix – BDSM & KINK (An introductory lecture and Q&A)
This will be a short introductory lecture going over some basic terminology for BDSM & KINK. We will go over consent, roles (basic power dynamics dominant, submissive, and switching). As well as some of the many kinks and fetishes out there.
This will then be followed by an open discussion styled Q&A. Followed by together picking a few topics we\’ve gone over to delve deeper into.
Tarryn Torn aka Tt is an activist, apothecary, 2D & 3D artist, community organizer, cinematographer, cosplayer, gamer, sex positive feminist, silk screener, model, musician, photographer, videographer, web creator, and witch .

Body Reclamation Ritual 
We will commune with our own bodies and reverentially witness each others\’ emotions and experiences. This space is for those who are storing painful memories and attachments that no longer serve them in their wombspace / sacral chakra / hips and pelvis. Whether you are recovering from an abortion, miscarriage, abuse, erotic experiences that are painful to remember, or even challenging nonsexual situations involving your wombspace or reproductive health in general, this space is for you. Anger, pain, helplessness, frustration, fear, eroticism, and all other emotions and energies are welcome here. You will learn communication skills and nervous system regulation techniques you can take with you and practice on your own.
This session will pull from Nonviolent Communication, authentic relating games, somatic bodywork, parts work, scream therapy, guided meditation, and laughter yoga. Together we will find safety and solace in being heard and deeply witnessed, coregulate our nervous systems, and find a deep, yummy calm after the storm. We will close with reflections and be embraced by the power of attunement and presence.

Sea Rios ???

Primitive Woodworking w/Kyle

Permaculture or \”Beyond Guerrilla\”

Foolery w/ Spot

Wedding : Can Anarchist work on Elections w/Carlos & Malia

Authentic Relating \”How I learned to be less of. an asshole\” w/ Marco

Metamaterials : Might save the world w/ Spiderman Description

Mourning for Greater Joy w/ Selene

Kink Sharing Circle w/ Angie & Erin

Creating the Collective Orgasmic Field w/Sage and Duncan